Terre des Brouilly

Marvels to behold...

Between the Saône Valley to the east and the Loire Valley to the west, lies the Beaujolais region; a fairy tale land at the north eastern end of the Massif Central range of mountains. Gently undulating hills and valleys, brimming with châteaux, castles and other sites of outstanding interest; where natural riches and knowhow come together to form the setting for two gems: the Crus of Brouilly and Côte de Brouilly.

Mont Brouilly, realm of a chapel crowned by a statue to Notre-Dame au Raisin – Our Lady of the Grape, is unquestionably a beacon known to all. From its relatively low yet very steep 484 metres above sea-level, it overlooks the vineyards of famous the Brouilly and Côte de Brouilly appellation areas. Each of which boasts its own singular personality as the perfect mirror to the diversity and wealth of the soils the vines grow in. They are the focal point for their vinegrower-winemakers who are federated by a shared passion for their wine, its specific characteristics and upcoming projects.

Terre des Brouilly brings together over 200 vinegrower-winemakers who care deeply about their custodianship of their land, specifically in the characterization of each terroir within it. The wealth and the complexity of the Beaujolais region’s remarkable geological heritage (recognized by admission to the UNESCO Global Geopark Network) confers aromas and flavours that are both exceptional and singular. Unique savours that require highlighting, working on, cherishing and, above all, sharing with warm generosity!

When you look at the diversity of the soils, aspects and altitudes, it goes without saying that Brouilly should always be declined as a plural.

In Beaujolais Aujourd’hui – nº19 – page 5