Vineyards in History

Wine and the Beaujolais region have been interlinked since time immemorial. Archaeological discoveries from 59 BCE, when the area was under Roman occupation, show vinegrowing or viticulture at its beginnings. Vinegrowing and winemaking intensified in the 18 th century: having the Saône and Rhône Rivers nearby as transport highways lead to the growth of our towns and the Beaujolais region becoming the main supplier to inns and taverns in Lyon.

AOCs Brouilly and Côte de Brouilly had their advent in 1938. Recognition of our Crus created new possibilities; tasting cellars burgeoned, vinegrower-winemakers joined forces and national and international renown flourished.
Further major projects became possible :

Lieux-dits – named areas of vineyards

In 2009 we carried out characterization of our terroirs, helping our vinegrowers to enhance their knowledge of their soils and refine how they work their land and tend their vines.


Beaujonomie is a concept driven by all the people involved in Beaujolais tourism: its aim is to federate our shared values and ambition to highlight our region’s qualities and art of living. Here, generosity and solidarity are part and parcel of our heritage; sharing a glass of wine, a revisited version of a much-loved local dish from yesteryear and local harvest anecdotes. With more than a sprinkling of hospitality and friendliness, this is an authentic taste of the good life in keeping with the times: quite simply, bistronomie Beaujolais-style, is for you!